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High Quality,   Hand  Crafted
Ceramic Fish
A small, family owned business located on Cape Cod


Ceramic Fish, Ceramic Shells, Cape Cod, Ceramic Decor, Nautical Decor,

Our molds are made from real fish. We make clay-castings from the molds, giving a realistic appearance to all of our products. Each piece is handmade and painted, giving each product a unique touch.


Ceramic Fish, Fish Decor, Ceramic Decor, Grainger Pottery Sandwich, Sandwich, Cape Cod

Grainger Pottery Sandwich is a family owned buisness. The Sandwich store, run by Caroline and Lauren Grainger, is a continuation of Grainger Pottery in Marion, Ma, which is run by Geoff and Karilon Grainger, the girls' Uncle and Aunt.


Ceramic Fish, Fish Decor, Grainger Pottery Sandwich, Grainger Pottery, Sandwich, Cape Cod, Nautical Decor, Decor, Ceramic Decor

We are located on Route 6A in East Sandwich on Cape Cod. Our store includes a retail area where you can see the products displayed on the walls. In the rest of the shop you can see our fish made, painted, and loaded into the kiln.