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Grainger Pottery Sandwich, located on Cape Cod, is a small, family owned business that creates handmade ceramic fish. At Grainger Pottery Sandwich, we make over 100 different species of realistic ceramic fish, made to hang on the inside or outside of a home as wall décor. We have a local focus on all of the major New England species, plus we make a variety of southern, tropical, and freshwater fish. In addition to fish, we make shells and horseshoe crabs. Our products have a lifelike feel because we make plaster molds from a real fish and hand-press clay into the molds.


Our store in East Sandwich is a continuation of Grainger Pottery, which is owned by our Uncle and Aunt, Geoff and Karilon Grainger. Our Uncle Geoff taught us everything we know in his shop located in Marion, Massachusetts. Geoff’s love for the ocean inspired him to create and design an array of products, which catered to both his hobbies of fishing and ceramics. With his help, we have expanded the fish making into Cape Cod, where there is a historic love and appreciation for both marine wildlife and art. 

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